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Online Scholarship Submission
Only the author who submitted the work will receive the notification emails; it is the responsibility of the submitting author to notify other authors. Submitting author must be a current member of ITAA.
Complete the Submission Form.
1.   Only current members will be allowed to complete the submission process.
2.   Begin submission process by logging on to the submission page using your ITAA username and password.
3.   Select the code (2-4 letters) for the track in which the paper should be reviewed and presented (DPD, CB, etc)

4.  Indicate Submission Type (Concept, Research, or Teaching)

5.  Indicate the type of study (Qualitative or Quantitative)

6.  Select your presentation preference (Oral, Poster, No Preference).

7.   List the presentation title as it should appear in the final conference program and in the Conference Proceedings.
8.   Provide a short (150 words maximum) synopsis of your proceedings file.  This will be used as the "Preview Abstract" on the Digital Repository @ Iowa State. 

9.  Provide name, institution, and email address for each author to be listed on presentation.  First name, last name, institution, and email address are required for the Digital Repository @ Iowa State.  Middle name and suffix are optional.    If you have more than 5 authors on a submission, email additional information to

10. Indicate awards for which your submission qualifies to be considered if it is accepted for presentation at the conference.  See Research and Teaching Scholarship Awards for the qualifications for each award.
11. Check copyright agreement terms.
12. Upload Proceedings file -- PDF file labeled by prescribed format:  Track Code-Last Name-Abbreviated Title-Submission Type Code

13. Verify that you have removed identifying information from the abstract file for blind review.

14. Upload Abstract file -- (without any author/institution information from the proceedings file) -- PDF file labeled by prescribed format: Track Code-Abbreviated Title-Submission Type Code
      Be sure to select the actual files to upload and not just a short cut for the file on your computer’s desktop. 
 15.Click "submit” to complete the submission process.

With successful completion of submission, submitter will see a new screen with an online message that includes the Submission ID number.  Page also has a link to print the submission form, which includes all information entered in the form fields -- except the file names of the files uploaded.


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