Instructions for Online Design Submission
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Online Design Submission

Only the designer who submitted the work will receive the notification emails; it is the responsibility of the submitter to notify co-designers. Submitting designer must be a current member of ITAA.



If you are the only person involved in the presentation (photography, model) of your design entry, you can use the "Terms and Condition" statement on the ITAA Design Submission Form as the copyright agreement.  However,  If you have models, photographers, and others who may be involved in the presentation of accepted design work, they must assign ITAA the rights to distribute images of the accepted work.  Complete the Copyright Agreement Form (linked on the Creative Design Submission page), secure appropriate signatures, scan the form, and upload the file to the ITAA website as part of the design submission process.  Forms will be kept on file in the ITAA office.


Prepare Files to Upload During Submission. 

             1.  Copyright Agreement Form, if needed. 
             2.  Design Abstract:  MSWord file containing Title, Design Statement, 3 vertically-                           oriented 3"x5" images -- front, back, detail.
                  (Label protocol: Review Level Code (PRO, GRS, UGS)-Abbreviated Title)
             3.  Design Proceedings File: follow instructions provided on ITAA website. 
                  (Label protocol: Review Level Code-Last Name of First Author-Abbreviated Title)

Be prepared to pay design submission fee.

Complete the ITAA Submission Form.         
   1.  Only current members will be allowed to complete the submission process.
   2.   Log on to the submission page using your ITAA User ID and Password.
   3.   List your institution.
   4.   List the names of all designers and institutions as they should appear in the final conference   program.
   5.   List the title of the design submission as it should appear in the final conference program.
   6.   List materials used to create the design:  fiber content and fabrication
   7.   List size information about the design:  Include circumference measurements: bust/chest, waist, hips; and general garment size.  If entry is a non-garment include measurements for height, width, length.
   8.  Enter the level for review (Professional- PRO, Graduate Student-GRS, Undergraduate Student-UGS) 
   9.  If submitting an entry for the Undergraduate Level, verify that you are the ITAA Design Mentor.
   10.  Agree to the Design Submission Terms.
   11.  Upload the signed Copyright Agreement Form, if necessary. 
   12.  Upload the Design Abstract.
   13.  Upload the Design Proceedings File.  
   14. Indicate award(s) for which the design should be considered.  Criteria vary.
  •     Lectra: Professional and Graduate
  •     Innovations in Cotton:  Professional, Graduate, Undergraduate; item must be at least 60% cotton
  •     Atexinc:  Professional, Graduate, Undergraduate; emphasis on marketable textile design
  •     ESRAB:  Professional, Graduate Undergraduate; emphasis on sustainable design
  •     Sandra Hutton:  Professional, emphasis on fiber arts
  •     ITAA Creative and Innovative Interpretation of Inspiration Sources(s): Professional; original interpretation of defined inspiration source that stimulates the imagination and introduces something new.
  •     ITAA Creative and Innovative Employment of Technology: Professional; The techniques used (patternmaking, draping, surface design, and/or construction, etc.) introduce something new and/or challenge conventions or established methods.
  •     Fashion Supplies:  Graduate
  •     Vinci:  Graduate; emphasis on use of technology
  •     Pattern Works International:  Undergraduate; solution to a patternmaking problem
  •     Eden Travel International:  Undergraduate; separate application due September 1
  •     Blanche Payne:  Undergraduate; Separate application due September 1
15. Click "Submit" to complete the submission process.
16. A "Design Entry Fee" item will be added to your cart.
17. Payment is a separate transaction from the submission process.  Multiple submissions can be made, and then one payment made for the total fee. 

Design Entry Fee Payment Must Be Made Before Submission Deadline OR Entry Will Not Be Reviewed.


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