About Alvanon Inc.
Alvanon was founded in 2001 when it developed a unique and innovative data-driven approach to solving the challenges of sizing and fit inherent in the apparel industry. Since that time it has evolved into a global consulting firm advising the world’s leading apparel organizations on how to align their internal teams, processes and supply chains; engage with best practice and consumers; optimize profitability and realize growth strategies.  Its expert team of consultants has worked with the world’s most successful apparel organizations and amassed a wealth of expertise across every discipline including consumer analytics, design, merchandising, marketing, e-commerce, product development, technical design, manufacturing, sourcing, quality, planning, distribution and training. Alvanon works with its clients across multiple apparel sectors in 89 countries.  It operates from its head office in New York, European headquarters in London and Asian office in Hong Kong. Alvanon also has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Donguan and Shenzhen in China.

Websites: www.alvanon.com
Websites: http://www.alvanon.com/fit-movement/fit-movement.html

Creative Design Awards
Undergraduate:  Alvanon ASTM Missy Studio Dress Form
Graduate:  Premium ASTM Missy Full Fiberglass AlvaForm