Fairchild Books is the world's leading publisher of textbooks and educational resources for students of fashion, merchandising, retail, and interior design. Our titles cover a broad range of subject areas, including textiles, design foundations, retailing, visual merchandising, color theory, lighting, drawing and presentation, sustainability, etc.  Fairchild Books is a division of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.  With 240 titles in print, Fairchild Books leverages unique insider access to all aspects of the fashion and interior design worlds and the expertise of leading professionals in the field.
Fairchild Books is now an imprint of Bloomsbury.  Bloomsbury's academic division publishes around 1,100 books a year, with a significant presence in the humanities, social sciences and visual arts.  With the acquisitions of Berg, Fairchild Books and AVA Publishing, we are the largest publisher in academic visual arts.  From April 2013, all new AVA titles will be published under the Fairchild Books imprint.
Website:  www.fairchildbooks.com